Blueprint 2.0

To be a world-class economic region of choice by 2025 to invest in, to live in, to work, to acquire knowledge, to visit and to raise families in a safe, clean and sustainable environment.

To accelerate economic growth by
developing core economic sectors, namely Manufacturing, Agriculture & Bio-industries and Services

  • To address socioeconomic imbalances
  • To raise the capacity for knowledge and innovation
  • To improve the quality of life
  • To strengthen institutional and implementation capacity

Achievements made by NCER:

RM169 billion
Increase in 5.8% of average GDP from 2010–2015

Increase in approximately 11% of mean household income from 2012–2014

RM71.6 billion
Increase in cumulative investment from RM59.1 bil between 2009–2014

Increase in cumulative jobs created from 79,386 between 2010–2014

Direction to transform and advance the region

The strategic framework

By 2025, NCER is projected to be an economy of RM300 bil

Take advantage of this unique opportunity

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