About NCIA

What Northern Corridor Implementation Authority does

We secure NCER prosperity by promoting and facilitating international investment and championing in the socioeconomic development.

We are established by Act 687 and received the consent of His Majesty the Yang di-Pertuan Agong on 5 February 2008. We are spearheaded by the Authority, chaired by the Prime Minister of Malaysia with members comprising the Deputy Prime Minister, the Menteri Besar Kedah, Perak, Perlis and Penang Chief Minister, two Federal Ministers, a representative of the Public Service and two members from the private sector. NCIA's Chief Executive acts as the secretary to the Authority.

Our objective is to promote and accelerate the development in the NCER to become a world-class economic region and a choice destination for investment, employment and residence, as well as to ensure that the social and physical development of sustainable advantage in driving economic growth in the region.


We are an economic region authority, responsible for:

  • bringing together policy, promotion and facilitation expertise to break down barriers to invest, and help businesses succeed
  • promoting NCER investment across the world
  • building the global appetite for NCER goods and services

How we help you get set up

The NCIA is here to help. We have all the tools and advice you need to set up your business and start investment in the NCER.


  • Devise standards and policies, direction and strategies to accelerate the development of NCER
  • Ensure integration of plans and policies between the federal government, state governments
    and local authorities
  • Ensure the vision for key thrust areas are aligned with NCER ’s vision


  • Promote and uphold NCER ’s brand to attract investments to the region
  • Engage with government agencies and potential investors
  • Assist in the development of customised incentive packages
  • Assist investors in other investment matters to ensure ease of doing business e.g. licensing,
    land matters etc


  • Ensure alignment of key thrust area developments and key enablers are in line with NCER ’s
  • Secure private investors into NCER by providing assistance to investors and coordinating
    investment approvals
  • Assess risks and establish mitigation plans


  • Deliver the required services
  • Manage and support development projects in NCER
  • Identify and appoint service providers, contractors and consultants
  • Assess risks and establish mitigation plans


  • Track and monitor progress and KPI achievements of the programmes/projects in NCER
  • Resolve project issues and mitigate risks

Our council members

YAB Tun Dr. Mahathir Mohamad

Prime Minister of Malaysia and Chairman of NCIA

YAB Dato’ Seri Dr. Wan Azizah binti Wan Ismail

Deputy Prime Minister of Malaysia

YAB Dato’ Seri Hj. Mukhriz Tun Mahathir

Menteri Besar Kedah

YAB Tuan Chow Kon Yeow

Ketua Menteri Pulau Pinang

YAB Dato’ Seri Ahmad Faizal bin Dato’ Azumu

Menteri Besar Perak

YAB Dato’ Seri Azlan bin Man

Menteri Besar Perlis

YB Lim Guan Eng

Menteri Kewangan Malaysia

YB Dato’ Seri Mohamed Azmin Ali

Menteri Hal Ehwal Ekonomi

YB Datuk Ahmad Badri Mohd Zahir

Ketua Setiausaha Perbendaharaan

Tan Sri Dr. Ir. Ahmad Tajuddin Ali

Pengerusi Lembaga Pembangunan Industri Pembinaan Malaysia (CIDB)

Our management

Datuk Seri Jebasingam Issace John

Chief Executive

Zuhairi Mohmad

Senior Director Corporate Services

Fajaffri Mohd Fadzil

Senior Director Development

Hasri A Hassan

Senior Director Strategic Planning & Risk Management

Mohamad Haris Kader Sultan

Financial Controller

Ong Keng Meng

Head, Internal Auditor

Ramesh Kumar Verma

Head, Central Evaluation

Datin Shahdee Dato’ Ahmad

Head, Office of The Chief Executive

Aemizureen Kamarudin

Head, Corporate Communications

Speak to us

You can get support and advice to start or grow a business within the NCER. Whatever the size of your business, the Northern Corridor Implementation Authority (NCIA) can help make it a success. Send an enquiry to [email protected].