About NCER

Established in the year 2007, NCER encompasses four states in the Northern region of Malaysia, Perlis, Kedah, Pulau Pinang and Perak aims to bring development in three economic clusters: Agriculture & Bio-Industry, Manufacturing and Services.

The region is strategically located, bordering with Thailand and in the proximity of Malacca Straits. This help boosts the region's economy, creating a natural bloc for economic cooperation that would enable NCER to produce, distribute and export goods beyond the four states as well as Malaysia.

4 reasons why NCER is now

the right place for your company to grow right now.

Located within the Indonesia-Malaysia-Thailand Growth Triangle (IMT-GT)

Boost the region’s economy, creating a natural bloc for economic cooperation that would enable NCER to process, distribute and export good beyond Malaysia.

Strong business ecosystems with 40 years of evolution

Since 1971, NCER has hosted many multinational companies (MNCs) and many local companies have also grown in lock-step with the (MNCs). Approximately, RM47.7 bil of investment on the year 2009 – 2016 has been approved in the state.

Key to the nation’s food security agenda

NCER is the largest producer of paddy in Malaysia, producing 34% of the nation’s paddy capacity. Rubber, coconut and palm oil also play a predominant role in agriculture in the NCER.

Hosts of many top international tourism destinations

The NCER is renowned for its rich natural and historical attractions, claiming UNESCO status in three different states. Lenggong Valley contains Southeast Asia’s oldest, most complete human skeleton, the Perak Man. Georgetown is popular for its heritage attraction, holds building structures dating back hundreds of years. Langkawi has consistently appeared in lists of top islands to visit globally.

Blueprint 2.0

NCER envisions to be a world-class economic region by year 2025.

Blueprint 2.0 Growth Nodes

Our supportive blueprint focus on four Economic Clusters to create high-growth industries that gives businesses the greatest chance of success.

NCER priority sectors

Our supportive blueprint focus.

NCER Tax Incentives Packages

NCER has a simpler, clean tax incentives helping make it the easiest place to do business in Malaysia.

Get support to start or grow your NCER business with NCIA

You can get support and advice to start or grow a business within the NCER. Whatever the size of your business, the Northern Corridor Implementation Authority (NCIA) can help make it a success.